Crypto Currency Trading Tips for Beginners

We all know that cryptocurrency is one of the latest addition to the trading markets, which is seeing a huge increase in the number of participants and the prices similarly. The reason is various, but the major one is the drastic increase in the price of the cryptocurrencies.

Due to this varied price increase, we see a lot of demand in the cryptocurrency, be it bitcoin or Ethereum or ripple, there is a huge demand for the currency, that is soaring high in price and seeing too volatility.

Read here a few tips about starting your journey with this highly volatile cryptocurrency:

Learn, learn and learn:

Yes!! This is the basis of all, but without this pillar, your building will crumble. So, before delving into any platform, and just pay up to buy your crypto, its good that you do some research on the platforms and the chart details. Since this is the first digital currency and no regulating authority like the stock market regulators, the rise in trading platforms is huge and there are a few fake ones too.

Transaction charges:

Though everything is online and the transaction charges are low comparatively, but few platforms compensate the charges elsewhere, better read for yourself clearly, what are the charges, in detail. Read the platform rules and regulations before signing up.

There can be no much about technical analysis, as technical analysis is all about analyzing the past data and predicting the future. Though the crypto has a past, not a consistent well-settled record, it’s more a volatile chart that is available and never ever tries to predict from the same.

Diversify your money:

Just like in stock markets, its good that you diversify your money here too. engage your money in most of the coins, then one; like invest in bitcoin and Ethereum equally and lesser in Litecoin and ripple. Don’t park all your funds in one single coin, this reduces major loss in profits due to volatility in one single zone.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for the beginners, and yes, the professional ones too can refer:

Don’t expect things to change overnight:

This is the common notion in the minds of common people!! They want to get rich overnight! This is possible only in dreams, or if the lady luck lives for you!! in reality, even the cryptocurrency will take some time to gain your profits, so stay calm until then. You need to keep a stand for yourself, prove that you here to stay longer. Keep a track of price movement in the platform, don’t be in a hurry to sell the coins that you recently bought.

Don’t stop trading because the bitcoin price fell off:

This is one of the worst trading behaviors in crypto trading. Here there are 2 parties involved who are their owners each, there is no regulatory authority, so you need to talk about your worries. Hence don’t drop the trade, just because you lost a few pennies, better negotiate to the most possible extent. This would have a positive impact than running away from the whole trade scenario, which will put you in a bad light.

Microfinance – a measure to alleviate poverty globally


We talk and discuss a lot of developments in every area and how technology has become an important part of our lives. While everything is taking a new turn in this development era, there is a rapid revolution to solve the problem of poverty around the world by supporting the poor and weaker sections of the society financially.

This is possible with the introduction of Microfinance which is also known as microcredit. This is a group of financial products which can cater to the needs of the society especially the lower income class who cannot manage high repayment loans. The products can be in loans, insurance and savings sectors.

Purpose of Microfinance

This concept was born traditionally to solve poverty which was the biggest issue the world faced by many parts of the world. Previously there were only nonprofit organizations providing such microfinance services to the people, but recently huge changes have been made to this sector by ideally joining with retailers for better financial support.thus it has become easier to cater to a larger customer range.

Products of microfinance

The common categories of products and services offered by microfinance are:

  • Microloans: these are the microcredit facilities offered to the people at the smaller amount and to finance entrepreneurs in developing countries.examples could be the cottage industries like sewing, basket making etc.the average interest rates could be very convenient for the customers.the rate of interest might look high but when compared to the local and informal money lenders who are not credible the microloans are safer and easier to repay.
  • Microsavings: these are a small amount of savings that the poorer section can make without any minimum balance requirements in their accounts. These are made for emergent and lifesaver needs like weddings, funerals and family occasions. Such savings promote the savings capability of the weaker class of the society and help them at the right time.
  • Microinsurance: when living in a developing country has a lot of exposure to enjoying its benefits it also has some risks of natural disasters and calamities which may be unforeseen. Thus to make it easier for survival at such times, there is this concept of microinsurance that allows the people to maintain small insurance policies with minimum premium values. One classic example can be crop insurance to protect farmers during natural calamities and help them get back what they lost.

Thus the microfinance services have come along way in helping out the world for a better and more protective future.


Save enough by turning to automated savings


In the current supersonic times, budget wary individuals hide behind the veils of procrastination and lack of time labels and fail to save sufficiently for the future. According to the Center for Retirement Research Boston College, the current generation is not saving enough to retire comfortably; they are short by about $6.6 trillion. That is an alarming number and if you belong to this section of people it is time to take more control of your finances and plan out a secure retirement.

What is the solution

We have graduated from physically switching on TVs, lights and closing doors to remotely controlling them and even setting a time limit when the gadget must go off. This is a clear indication of where the world is headed today – automation.

And automation is not limited to the electronic world, it has made its presence in the world of finance in the form of automated trading systems and automated savings services.

So, if you have the tendency of putting off things that require extra effort, help is at hand in the form of automated deposits and savings.

What are automated savings solutions

While even setting up an automatic account will require some time and effort, in the long run, you will save more money and time. A study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that when employees were automatically rolled in for the 401(k) investment program, the savings increased from 40% to 100%. Thus, by automated savings almost every worker can save a significant amount of their income without ever having to put in any extra effort or complaining of lack of time.

How can you automate your savings?

You can take the help of tools to automate your savings.

Capital: This is a very popular app on both the iOS and the Android platform that is used by many for specific short-term goal saving. This app allows you to set a time frame for your financial goal. Once it is linked to your account it will automatically start saving in small increments to meet the deadline. The algorithm in the app will ensure that your account is never overdrawn.

There are several other apps like Rize, Stash, Digit, Chime etc. which work in a similar fashion. Each app has its own pros and cons; you can choose one that is in accordance with your taste and needs.

Now you have no more reasons to procrastinate saving; automate your savings and realize your goals.


The Impact of Microfinance

The small credit facility which is provided by the organizations for the group of people who cannot afford huge savings is called microfinance. It is usually termed as microcredit and can be of the services like loans, savings, and insurance schemes. These products have proved to be useful to the weaker section of the society and people have benefitted well from them. Unlike the high rates with lenders and other unorganized sources, these can be safe and secure.

But these services have a different impact on each class of people. It is not the same for everyone who uses this product and service. Here we shall get a deeper look at the impacts:

  • As an investor: the investors whose main objective is a good return focus on the microfinance related investments. Such products are also rated by major rating agencies so that there are trust and credibility in their services. Thus now microfinance has provided a wide opportunity to many investors. Local banks and large international banks are the main source of such investments to be made popular.As an investor, each of you may need to look at the companies you want to invest are exposed to this microfinance activities. This may be beneficial to assure you for better returns. You need to have a basic knowledge about the supply, demand and capital flow within such markets to judge and invest rightly.
  • As a Finance professional: to be skilled in microfinance activities a high-level financial knowledge is required and also skills relating to social-science, local languages and customs will be needed to support the mission.therefore for the finance professional with this magnificent combination of skills, they have a bright career option in the field of microfinance.check out the sites which have detailed description of such career options.
  • As an Individual: we are living in a period where poverty is nearing complete eradication and microfinancing has been a crucial factor for this achievement. Surveys and studies support this belief of many people. Such studies shows how people have smoothly been covered by these facilities have moved above the poverty line in the past few years. Poverty alleviation means a great deal to an individual and you will welcome it widely and claim to be successful. Once you are capable to believe and focus on your financial strength, then every aspect of life becomes clear. Hence microfinance has been very successful from the individual point of view.

It is clear that microfinance has been very subjective in the economic development of the country and this has made a wide difference to many.



Planning your retirement now? Read this

Time is crucial:

You are still in your early thirties and you try to put off retirement plans until another ten years but allow us to remind you that time is crucial when you are planning your retirement. You may think that you are still a long way from your golden years but this is the time to start planning your days ahead.

Even as you think that you will be nicely covered with social security plans and your earned pension, a good retirement planning never hurts. In fact, it makes a big difference in those years when you cannot work anymore. It makes a lot of sense to make your money work for you now when you are still young and save it for your retirement days.

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How much money will be enough for your retirement?

This is a question that only you can answer. A lot of it depends on

  1. Personal factors such as your lifestyle;
  2. Your retirement goals and
  3. Your liabilities that may have accrued over the years.

It is important that your retirement goals and your savings and securities are aligned. You will need to keep revisiting and reviewing your retirement schemes and investment portfolio in order to understand and appreciate if everything is well in there. Any slight changes that need to be made or transporting your investments from one scheme to another can be made if you regularly review the schemes and the returns that you are getting from your investments. This is an exercise that is warranted at least once in 18 to 24 months unfailing.

Taking professional help:

Because the US taxation laws is a long winding document you may need to take professional help to understand a bit here and there. This is important because while making mistakes is part of being human but mistakes in setting up retirement funds can cost too much; something that you may not be able to afford in those later years. It is better to be safe now than being sorry later!

The 401(K):

This plan allows the employer to direct a portion of the salary to an investment account; the idea is to let your savings grow along with you. It also presents taxation benefits. However, there are also certain drawbacks in the scheme. You must read up and understand the consequences before you opt for it in black and white.

Opting for IRA is also not a bad idea!

This traditional retirement plan has the same benefits as 401(K) but with the additional benefit of giving you better control than the latter on your savings.

Last word:

There is no one retirement plan that will fit everyone’s bill. Planning early on in your career is the keeping the best foot forward. Also, reviewing your investment schemes and tweaking them and finding out old pensions that an employer owed you is going to be a fruitful exercise in the long run.




Bull and Bear Effect on Businesses

Indicators of Economic Conditions

The Stock markets are indicators of the economic conditions prevalent in the country. Stock Markets directly reflect the purchasing power of the consumers. This may be true in case of developed nations. In developing economies majority of the population really do not understand what stock market is all about. Only a small percentage of people invest in stock markets. Even though there is only a small percentage involved, I believe that the wealth is concentrated in their hands. Their spending or investing activities is what reflects on the economy. Also, the economy of any nation cannot be viewed in isolation due to globalization and liberalization policies. The changes the global economic scenario is bound to affect all the nations be it developed or developing.

Business rise and fall

The Stock Markets performance directly impacts the businesses. When there is a rise in the stock market index, the demand for goods increases as people have more money in their hands and are willing to spend due to the favorable economic conditions. People who have invested in stocks and shares will be benefitted from the price increase of their stocks and will be willing to either re-invest the gains or spend it in the market. In either way, businesses are bound to gain from the consumer spending or investment.

When the markets are down, investors might feel they will lose their money. So they tend to sell their shares at lower rates fearing a further crash in the index. This will lead to conservative spending. They also tend to postpone/hold off any further investing activities until the markets gain back the pace. Thus the spending or investing activities will see a sharp decline causing a fall in the businesses as well.

Extent of impact

As discussed in the previous paragraphs, the stock markets do affect the businesses as they rise and fall, but the question is to what extent it will affect the businesses. It again depends on the business nature and size. If the business is run on share capital and has foreign investors, the impact would be immediate and in direct proportion to the changes in the stock market. If the business is run on a proprietary basis and on small scale then the impact would be less eventful.

Both stock markets and the businesses are inter-related and inter-dependent. Changes in one sector will create the effects in the other and vice versa.

Will Your Business Model Make Or Break Your Business Venture?

Are you planning to launch your very own fashion brand or display your passion to the world? If yes, then you are on the path of converting your dream into a reality. However, steering the wheels of reality is not as easy swaying a magic wand in the dreamland. You probably have a fantastic innovative business idea, but the success or failure of your business will depend on one thing – the Business Model.

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What is a Business Model?

It is a thorough fully-fledged plan for the smooth running and successful operation of any business. A business model should identify three important things, in addition to few relevant others.

  1. The product, its source & its specifications

  2. The sources of income & financing

  3. The target audience or customer base

What should a business not do post its launch?

  1. Never be carried away by the profit & loss statements and start diverting your initial business model to vaguer areas. Always stick to the innovation and expertise.

  2. Do not think of redesigning or remodeling your business model, rather focus on fixing the issues.

  3. Do not think of hiring for cheap, as the most important ingredient for the success of a start-up is its staff.

  4. Do not ignore criteria for location and space because these hidden factors will eventually contribute to the success of the business in the long-term.

  5. Never compromise on the relationships that your business maintains with the customers.

What can create a successful business model?

  1. Launch your product at the right time to the right target audience. For example, introducing waterproof watches during monsoon is a good idea.

  2. Price your products right. Never price them high, as you will find it difficult to win the market. Similarly, never price is too low, as you will eventually be out-run.

  3. Always carry out a short-term planning for the next 5 years and a long-term planning for the next ten years to identify areas of improvement and evolvement. In addition, plan for product differentiation, minor or major, from time to time to engage new customers and retain existing customer base.

  4. Take feedbacks to ensure whether your product meets customer expectations and is in line with the business model as it was originally proposed for.

  5. It is wise to do a test run or a pilot phase launch to determine success or make modifications.

Thus, it is now clear why something as basic as a Business Model could either break or make your start-up dream. You may choose from the several different business models and frameworks that strategists have discovered. However, whatever you decide you need to ensure that your business model has all the workings of a successful business venture.

Mutual funds as a wealth builder

It’s a great idea to invest your funds than park them into saving the account. If the money is kept in a saving account, it is most likely to remain stagnant. Unless you are saving consistently well and planning to acquire a new asset, it makes no sense at all to let a big sum of money sitting in your account.

You could rather invest in mutual funds:

Mutual fund investing is definitely a great idea today and one that is already so talked about. It has been noticed by us that not only do people hesitate to invest their hard earned money into this viable proposition but also the more than ninety percent of the people do not know the nitty gritty of it to be able to measure the prospects of investing money in them vis a vis other methods of investment.

It is believed that in the year 1924. A group of three Boston stock investors got together, pooled their money and reinvested in the various industries. What ultimately happened apart from the beginning f this awesome form of investment is that eight decades later, this by far considered to be one of the best if not the best form of investment wherein the wealth keeps growing in consonance with time.

Diversification is inbuilt in the mutual funds:

A portfolio manager is assigned to every account holder of a mutual fund. The main role of the portfolio manager is the assess the industry and divide the client’s investment into many parts and distribute them in a way that he thinks will be able to earn a good return on investment.

The return on investment is measured from time to time and the manager may also deem to sell the stocks and shares of a company if he feels that they are worthless and do not help the investor by earning a decent profit.

When the company does well, the returns on the investment gets added to the account and soon enough the client is on a roll.

Warren Buffet and his piece of mind:

While this maestro is known for his single-minded approach to investing only in a few avenues and not thinking too much about what is beyond his cope with understanding, he believes that every person who does not understand the dynamics of the market but is hell-bent on investing in mutual funds must strive to distribute his investment in as many places as possible. Not merely four or five companies he means at least a dozen companies to be able to distribute losses if any and if the mutual fund’s profit then there is nothing like it!




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