Planning your retirement now? Read this

Time is crucial:

You are still in your early thirties and you try to put off retirement plans until another ten years but allow us to remind you that time is crucial when you are planning your retirement. You may think that you are still a long way from your golden years but this is the time to start planning your days ahead.

Even as you think that you will be nicely covered with social security plans and your earned pension, a good retirement planning never hurts. In fact, it makes a big difference in those years when you cannot work anymore. It makes a lot of sense to make your money work for you now when you are still young and save it for your retirement days.

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How much money will be enough for your retirement?

This is a question that only you can answer. A lot of it depends on

  1. Personal factors such as your lifestyle;
  2. Your retirement goals and
  3. Your liabilities that may have accrued over the years.

It is important that your retirement goals and your savings and securities are aligned. You will need to keep revisiting and reviewing your retirement schemes and investment portfolio in order to understand and appreciate if everything is well in there. Any slight changes that need to be made or transporting your investments from one scheme to another can be made if you regularly review the schemes and the returns that you are getting from your investments. This is an exercise that is warranted at least once in 18 to 24 months unfailing.

Taking professional help:

Because the US taxation laws is a long winding document you may need to take professional help to understand a bit here and there. This is important because while making mistakes is part of being human but mistakes in setting up retirement funds can cost too much; something that you may not be able to afford in those later years. It is better to be safe now than being sorry later!

The 401(K):

This plan allows the employer to direct a portion of the salary to an investment account; the idea is to let your savings grow along with you. It also presents taxation benefits. However, there are also certain drawbacks in the scheme. You must read up and understand the consequences before you opt for it in black and white.

Opting for IRA is also not a bad idea!

This traditional retirement plan has the same benefits as 401(K) but with the additional benefit of giving you better control than the latter on your savings.

Last word:

There is no one retirement plan that will fit everyone’s bill. Planning early on in your career is the keeping the best foot forward. Also, reviewing your investment schemes and tweaking them and finding out old pensions that an employer owed you is going to be a fruitful exercise in the long run.




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